Here in Florida we get a nice selection of tropical fruit, like star fruit,  given to us by our generous neighbors who have grown sick of eating the bounty of their own backyards. My most recent fruit present was a large bag of star fruit that the owner of the tree had no idea how to eat and had only ever used them as pretty garnish.  While I always enjoy a nice fruity cocktail garnished with a slice of star fruit there is so much more you can use these subtle and succulent fruit for.

Allow the fruit to ripen on the kitchen counter turning over each day so the color will turn a nice even yellow. The fruit is ripe when it yields to the touch and smells sweet.  Start by rinsing the fruit and slicing off the two hard ends of the fruit.  Also cut away any blemishes that look unappealing. Next I will trim off the hard ridges on the point of each side of the star. You can leave the ridges on if you like but they are tough and easy to remove.

Slice the fruit cross ways to show off the pretty star shape and remove any seeds you may find with the tip of the knife.

A simple and tasty way to eat the fruit is just by adding a drop of honey to the center of each star.  The honey gives a soft sweetness to the fruit that is lovely and refreshing.  It makes a great low calorie desert.  Other uses that we enjoy are fruit salad, cheese plates, and if you are ambitious jam/jelly.