Roasting and pealing is appropriate for any thick skinned pepper like poblanos, anaheims, or hatch chilies.  Gebberally I have found it’s not worth the effort to roast and peal a cubanelle pepper as the skins are thiner. Roasting peppers takes the tough outer skin off making them tender for use in recipes.  It’s especially nice to roast peppers before stuffing them or using them in a soup or sauces. The little bit of extra work of roasting and pealing a pepper a pepper is so worthwhile.

Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400 degrees. Start by washing and drying the peppers. Then rub the outside of the pepper with olive oil and put them on a cookie sheet.

Coat the outside well with olive oil.

Coat the outside well with olive oil.

Place them in the hot oven for about ten minutes then flip them over.

This is what my peppers looked like when I gave them a flip

Let them finish cooking for about another five minutes. You can tell they are done when the skin blisters and blackens. Some people will even roast the peppers over the flame on a gas stove or grill.

Remove them from the oven let them cool. Then carefully peel off the outer most layer of skin, it will slide off easily.

Next depending on what you will be using the peppers for remove the stem, seeds and ribs of pepper. If you are stuffing the pepper work gently so you don’t rip the pepper. If you are going to chop these guys up anyway, go crazy!! The back of a knife works well to scrape the ribs and seeds out of the inside of the pepper.