My husband is not a huge fan of lamb, so on Easter we generally go with anything from seafood to pork, basically something that is not lamb.  I think this year I might do a seafood paella but in the past a few of the dishes below have been the center pieces of our Easter no lamb table. With the kids grown and off to school we are no longer dying eggs, I do kind of miss the craft project and making mom’s deviled eggs out of the colored eggs. Her deviled eggs are awesome and the recipe is so basic I will just give it to you now! Hard boiled eggs, mayo and hot dog relish. Yes, hot dog relish. It’s the pickle relish that has the yellow mustard already mixed in. Mush up the cooked yolks with mayo, relish, salt and pepper. The ratio of mayo to relish is about 3-1, but just taste it and you can’t go wrong.

Italian Pork Dinner

My Caprese Stuffed Pork Roast and Potatoes pork roast is the center of this menu. Its easy to do and could even be assembled the day before. The potatoes around the roast will be a lovely side and I would add the roasted romaine lettuce from this steak dinner for a fun twist on a salad. For desert steal the candy from the kids! HaHa!

Creamy Pasta Dinner

If Easter is going to a simple meal why not make pasta! Creamy Bacon and Chard Pasta is a crowd pleaser: easy and economical to make and who doesn’t love bacon. I would serve a nice green salad along with the pasta and keep everything simple. For a fun appetizer you can always put out a bowl of my popular hummus and veggies. While not my recipe if you are a carrot cake lover I would top this Easter meal off with the Southern Living best Carrot Cake every, it is awe-inspiring.

Easter No Lamb

Spring Shrimp Dinner

For a lighter meal try grilling up a bunch of shrimp for my Tomato and Peach Shrimp Salad. With a nice selection of crusty breads and good white wine this is a really nice lite spring meal. I would be brave and go big with Brie and Bacon Spinach Dip to start; it’s wonderful and loaded with bacon and cheese. And since you already have the grill out make Pineapple Shortcakes for desert leaving the chocolate bunnies to the kids!

Sausages and Greens

I love all in one meals for parties, everything cooks at one time and everyone eats it all together. My Roasted Sausage and Mushrooms with Watercress Salad is perfect for this kind of an Easter meal. I would start with an appetizer of Marinated Cannellini Bean and Tomato Bruschetta that everyone can nibble on while Easter eggs are hunted before the main meal. A tray full of Mini Dulce de Leche Cheesecakes would be a perfect end to this Easter dinner.

Easter without lamb dinner
Easter No Lamb
Easter Desert

Ham, a Decadent Salad (or two) and Desert

If you go for a normal spiral cut ham I like to pair it with an excellent salad or two like my Wilted Swiss Chard Salad with Roasted Potatoes and Cipollini Onions and/or Roasted Bacon Dijon Potato Salad. These more elaborate salads are a great way to make the basic ham more exciting. Then to push the menu over the top make my Nutmeg Wine Cake with Fig Buttercream Frosting, yummy!

Easter Deserts

Happy No Lamb Easter!

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