Cook Better Than Most Restaurants is more than a way I share recipes, it’s a challenge.  My food blog has helped me learn so much about cooking, photography, marketing and even self-motivation.  Started in 2012 with just a few of my favorite recipes it now has almost 150 original recipes and counting. The time I put into the blog is fulfilling and I want to make it bigger and better, but for that I need to expand my skills in so many areas.   Attending the 2018 Indulge Conference in Los Angles gives me that opportunity.

A trip to the west coast to advance is big undertaking, but I know that if everyone who has cooked or enjoyed one of my recipes donated just a little it would get me the funds needed to attend.  The support of my family, friends and readers is what keeps me motivated to create new recipes for Cook Better Than Most Restaurants, and I hope your support will get me all the way to LA. Your donation to my GoFund Me Campaign will help offset the expenses for the trip and conference:

  • Registration Fee
  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Meals and Transportation

The 2018 Indulge Conference has a schedule of speakers and workshops with many of the most popular and successful food blogs on the internet. It is also a chance for me to meet other food bloggers. Can you imagine working in a field where you almost never meet a colleague in real life? Today the digital world often replace face to face interaction but the value of a personal connection can never be forgotten. Learning new skills may be the goal of the conference but I hope building relationships will be the ultimate reward.

The conference is set for April of 2018, I have already paid my registration fee, and with the cost of cross country airfare looming now is the time to ask all my friends and followers for a little help. So instead of another Starbucks’s or happy hour this week I would like to ask for a little help for a home cook that wants to share fabulous food with the internet: ME.  I promise to share photos and more from my trip with all of you.  Hopefully when I get home from the Indulge Conference with fresh ideas I will create your new favorite recipe.

Michelle Donn

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