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Prosciutto Wrapped Figs


  • 6-10 ripe fresh figs
  • 12-20 slices of good Prosciutto
  • 3 oz blue cheese
  • 3 oz mild soft goat cheese
  • ΒΌ cup agave syrup
  • Fresh ground black pepper


  1. First rinse the figs and remove the stems, then slice each one in half. Arrange the figs on a cookie sheet give yourself enough room to work. Drizzle each fig with a tiny bit of the agave syrup.
  2. Next dot on a portion of cheese onto the sliced fig. Grind on a generous amount of black pepper.
  3. Last you are going to wrap each one of these babies in a slice of the Prosciutto.
  4. Place the figs on to a hot grill, at least 400 degrees.
  5. Flip the figs when the Prosciutto has browned on one side and will release from the grill grate with a gentle tug. If the figs will not release from the grill it probably needs another minute cooking time. We gave them about 4 minutes a side.
  6. Remove from the grill and enjoy!