Creamy Tomato and Squash Soup

Heaven to most kids might be tomato soup and a grilled cheese but as you get older Campbell’s and Kraft just aren’t as good as you remembered. That is why for years I have made creamy tomato soup from scratch, and this week I was looking at squash that...

Michelle Donn cook better thanMeet Michelle…
I firmly believe that if you passed high school chemistry you can learn to cook well, and I know that $50 at a grocery store will yield you more delicious food than $50 spent at most restaurants ever could. At my home the wine is good, the company great and the food is fabulous.  There is no reason why it can’t be the same at your house! Together we can all cook better than most restaurants. Read More

Help Michelle Attend the INDULGE CONFERENCE 2018

Help Michelle Attend the INDULGE CONFERENCE 2018

Cook Better Than Most Restaurants is more than a way I share recipes, it’s a challenge.  My food blog has helped me learn so much about cooking, photography, marketing and even self-motivation.  Started in 2012 with just a few of my favorite recipes it now...

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